The city of San Francisco will soon require cell phone makers to disclose their products' radiation emissions, amid a growing concern about cell phone dangers - a concern that might soon spread to other wireless products. The city's board of supervisors recently voted to require cell phone retailers to show how much radiation their phones emit.

There is overwhelming evidence that cell phones cause significant damage to health. Indians have been using cell phones for only 10 years and the effects will be seen in the coming years. In fact it took years for humans to find out that smoking was injurous to health!

If you have carefully read your mobile phone's manual. You would have noticed a fine-print cautioning you against keeping the cellphone close to your body. Here's an example:


Recent studies have shown that long term use of cell phones can

  • Damage nerves in the scalp
  • Cause blood cells to leak hemoglobin
  • Cause memory loss and mental confusion
  • Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue
  • Create joint pain, muscle spasms and tremors
  • Create burning sensation and rash on the skin
  • Alter the brain's electrical activity during sleep
  • Precipitate cataracts, retina damage and eye cancer
  • Open the blood-brain barrier to viruses and toxins
  • Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells
  • Cause digestive problems and raise bad cholesterol levels
  • Stress the endocrine system, especially pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, testes

Children’s heads absorb up to 50% more mobile phone radiation than adults’ heads because their ears and skulls are smaller and thinner

What makes things worse is the location of cell phone towers. These towers are everywhere - on the roof of houses, hospitals and offices. If you look around you should eaisily locate 4 or more towers. Read this shocking report by Tehelka. As per the report Almost four-fifths of Delhi in the midst of radiation levels ranging from “borderline” to “unsafe” and “extreme anomaly”, which are highly unsafe!

As per rules, cell phone towers must be away from residential places. However here, towers are right on your roof and much lower than recommended heights.

Of course there's little you can do about the towers. But you can do something about your phone habits. The best and only safe way is to cut down usage of phones, microwaves, computers. But is this possible?

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